You are currently viewing 15-Seater-Hiace For-Rent-With-Driver-In-Sharjah

15-Seater-Hiace For-Rent-With-Driver-In-Sharjah

15-Seater-Hiace For-Rent-With-Driver-In-Sharjah
15-Seater-Hiace For-Rent-With-Driver-In-Sharjah


Best Service Which Consists Of 15 Seats 15-Seater-Hiace For-Rent-With-Driver-In-Sharjah

Our Company Hiace Travel Is The Best Service Which Consists Of 15 Seats And Travels Very Easily While Traveling. The 15-Seater Toyota Or Nissan Hiace Van Is A Reliable, Safe Bus For Group Travel. Inside, You Will Find A Spacious Cabin With Luxurious Seating And Modern Amenities.  High Roof And HIACE 15-Seater Vehicles Are Available At The Best Fares, Driver, And Fuel Are Also Provided By The Company. Seat Belts Must Be Fastened. 15-Seater-Hiace For-Rent-With-Driver-In-Sharjah


             15 Seats Mini Van Rental Sharjah, 14 Seats Van Rental

Do you want to rent a 15-seater minivan in Dubai or a 14-seater van in Sharjah? If so, you are in the right place, we have over 50 brand new 15-seater and 14-seater Hayes and High Roof Venues available on a monthly basis with hired drivers. This type of vehicle has a capacity of 14 passengers with one seat for the driver
This spacious, air-conditioned, and luxury Type 15 passenger van is the perfect choice for large families or groups who want to reach their destination on time and in comfort with style. 15-Seater-Hiace For-Rent-With-Driver-In-Sharjah

                                           RENTING A 15 SEATER VAN IN SAHARJAH

Rent your 15-seater van today with Al Najm Al Daim Passenger Transport. By 15 seater bus rental we mean 14 seating bus. The bus has a 14 + 1 combination of seats. In modern times it is called a tourist bus or high-roof bus. It is a modified version of the simple old HiAce, which was later made into a very comfortable type of bus with a beautiful style and special interiors. The bus has an excellent air conditioner and a luxury drive

THE BEST DRIVER EXPERIENCE 15-Seater-Hiace For-Rent-With-Driver-In-Sharjah

The Drivers Of Al-Najam Transport Company Are In Good Spirits And Reliable At The Same Time, They Are Experienced And Keep The Passengers Happy. Al-Najam Transport Company Create Contracts Monthly And Annually. Contact Us To Book And Find Out. 15-Seater-Hiace For-Rent-With-Driver-In-Sharjah These 65-seater buses for rent are a perfect choice when you transfer your labor, or in need of the school, we offer you are friendly and affordable transportation solutions like 50-seater buses for rent.







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