LABOR  TRANSPORTATION AJMAN   AL NAJAM AL DAEM TRANSPORT


Our Labor Transportation Bus Service provides buses of both sizes, large and small, to transport workers from the camps to their workplaces on a daily basis. If you are providing the best, most suitable, and safest labor transportation service for your company’s labor in AJMAN. Then don’t look any further. Because AL NAJAM AL DAEM TRANSPORT is your company’s best choice for transporting laborers, our Labor Transportation is a reliable and safe bus service mainly due to the latest new buses and professional and experienced drivers.

We have both type AC buses and non-AC buses to perform most of the construction, contracting, and industrial services. We have labor transporter services in all other states of UAE except AJMAN, DUBAI, SHARJAH, UMM AL QUWAIN, RAS AL KHAIMAH, FUJAIRAH. If you are looking for a bus shuttle in all these states, now that you have come to the right place to take advantage of your bus, we offer you the best reliable, safe transportation. We have 13-SEATER, 15-SEATER, 22-SEATER, 30-SEATER, 34-SEATER, 60-SEATER, 67-SEATER-80- SEATER, buses for labor transportation available at very low rates.


13 SEATER                        15 SEATER                 22 SEATER                30 SEATER         34 SEATER                 60 SEATER               67 SEATER              80 SEATER




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